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Ngoc Son Princess Garden House

Ngoc Son Princess Garden House


Princess Ngoc Son’s house of worship is a well-known garden house in Hue. It is an independent area in ancient Gia Hoi landscape, east of Hue’s imperial city. This place is to worship Princess Ngoc Son, the daughter of King Dong Khanh (1885 – 1889). She was married to the head of the Nguyen’s military, Nguyen Huu Tien, the son of academician Nguyen Huu Thang, a high-ranking mandarin of the Nguyen Dynasty.

In 1921, Mr. Nguyen Huu Tien built a garden house on an area of 2,400m2 to worship Princess Ngoc Son, his first wife. This is where he, his second wife and 7 children also lived. For more than 90 years, descendants of Nguyen Huu Tien have been protecting, worshiping and preserving the garden house despite the constant changes of Gia Hoi and Hue city.

At present, the owner of the house is Mrs. Nguyen Thi Suong, grandchild of prince consort Nguyen Huu Tien. Her husband is a well-known historian in Hue, Mr Phan Thuan An. It is their understanding about Hue’s history and culture that makes Princess Ngoc Son Worship House preserved and protected carefully. This spirit is passed down to their three children, who are working in preservation and heritage fields in Hue.

Visiting Princess Ngoc Son Worshiping House, you will not only have a chance to witness the standard architecture of a Hue garden house, but also discover the traditional life-style of Hue people and deep corners in Hue’s soul, which is a part of Hue’s heritage.

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  • Travel insurance.

Cancellation Policy

50% charge for cancellation between 8 – 24 hours before departure time, 100% charge for cancellation after 8 hours before departure time.

Type of VisitPrice Per Guest (Minimum 2 Guests)
2-4 Guests
Price Per Guest
5-9 Guests
Price Per Guest
10 Guests & above
Visit the temple with the introduction by a member of familyVND 705,000VND 600,000VND 570,000
Visit the temple with the introduction by a member of family + tea breakVND 930,000VND 790,000VND 750,000
Lecture on Hue history & culture by researcher Dr. Phan Thuan Thao with
live music illustration (20 mins)
VND 1,370,000VND 1,160,000VND 1,100,000
English or French speaking local guide.
Visit the temple with the introduction by a member of family + tea break
VND 1,565,000VND 1,330,000VND 1,260,000

Prices are in VND, inclusive of 5% service charge and 10% VAT

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