Sunset Trip

Sunset Trip

Sunset is always a brilliant and beautiful time, especially on the calm blue sea. When the sun set fades away, on the blue sea, the water is like swallowing an “egg yolk sun” on the horizon. The transitional moment at the end of the day is so serene and dreamy. Wherever you are, keep yourself a peaceful space like this afternoon watching the sunset at Ke Ga Bay!

Trip Option: by local boat
Travel Time: 2 hours
Includes: Cold towels, drinking water, fresh fruits and escorted by hotel staff

Prices: VND 920,000 per person (minimum of 2 people)
Extra person: VND 690,000 per person (maximum of 6 people)

Option: Make your trip morememorable with a bottle of our finest sparkling wine and a selection of sumptuous canapés.

Terms & Conditions

The resort cannot guarantee the availability of these activities at all times as it will depend upon weather condition, equipment and manpower or any other operational constraints. Some activities will need booking in advance. All sport activities will be at the client’s own risk.

Outdoor activities are subject to weather condition. Lessons are at maximum of two people at the same time. Lessons are applied for beginner or intermediate level.

Prices are in 1000 thousand VND, subject to 5% service charge and VAT

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